Amityville Community Radio is an internet based station that was launched in late July 2013 by two nearly lifelong Long Island radio broadcasters and Amityville residents Al Case and Bill Thomas.

The goal of ACR is to provide the village with a source of information and entertainment specifically for Amityville and our neighboring South Shore communities. We are online 24/7 broadcasting what the industry refers to as “beautiful music”. For those who remember WCTO Stereo, WPAT or WRFM, which by the way was owned by an Amityville resident, that’s our format. A style of music that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Throughout the day we are broadcasting weather reports tailored for Amityville and vicinity, including marine weather for the Great South Bay, high tide information, sea conditions , sunrise and sunset times, etc.

We are working with the Amityville Police Department to keep our residents informed on their latest public safety information and programs. In the event of an extreme emergency we are equipped to broadcast live from village hall or anywhere else that there is a live internet connection.

We are working with the local Clergy to provide short Daily Devotional messages every morning at 7:00 AM.

“A Minute of Amityville History” presented by the Amityville Historical Society is broadcast four times each weekend.  You will also hear community bulletin board items and  events taking place throughout the day. Additional feature programs are being added.

As our station continues to grow, we are always changing and fine tuning, but we want this to be your radio station. We want to work with all of the community organizations to promote your activities and events. Let us know what you’d like to hear and we’ll do our best to provide it.

Our email address is acradio1@verizon.net. Happy listening!

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you Jim. When people ask “why do you play that music, nobody else does”, we always say “I think you just answered you own question”.
    Thanks again, and we hope you’ll keep listening.
    –Al Case –

  2. Good Morning Allen and Bill,

    I am so very, very proud of both of you and your creation and development of Amityville Community Radio.

    It is really nice to witness how you took your passion for the broadcast industry and actualized it into an Internet Radio Station of your own.

    The sound is GREAT! Congratulations!!! Your Kudos are well deserved!!!


    1. Thank you Leon. It has been a lot of work but very satisfying and well worth it. Anytime you’d like to do some voiceovers, we’re always looking for new talent.

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