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If your church, group, club or organization has an item you would like us to promote, you can send us the information by phone, fax or email.

Phone: 631-693-5393
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5 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Thanks Al for the Beautiful Music. Your programming has recreated the days of WCTO and WPAT bringing back those childhood memories of Dad’s music playing on his Fisher Hi-Fi Stereo. You actually play the same music he had in his collection. One day during my teenager years my dad said to me that this music would endure and become popular again. And you know he was right. An absolute pleasure to meet you.
    Thank you.

  2. Congratulations on presenting real music, I haven’t heard this style of programming since the 1970′s. You play my kind of music!
    My location is Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia, Coffs is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane.
    I would like to thank the ACR team on professional presentation and great music. I retired several years ago, but still occasionally work as a relief newsreader for several stations, AM and FM. Unfortunately most stations play current pop/rock so ACR is a lifesaver. It’s pleasure to listen, keep it up.
    PS Great weather reports, Coffs Harbour today is 20 degrees Celsius, sunny, with light cloud, great for winter.

    1. Thank you Warren. Sometimes we wonder if we made the right choice with the music we play. Then we receive a great post like yours and realize that we did. We also realize that it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but because of the uniqueness of the format, it has attracted listeners from around the world. Thank you again and please keep on listening.
      –Al Case–

  3. dear Staff,

    Since a few month I am listener of your nice and beautiful music. All my favourite music of the past passed me. Wonderful. A lot of my family and friends do also listen. It’s enjoying. I am living in Pijnacker in the Netherlands. It is in the neighbourhood from Delft, an old Dutch town. It is wonderful weather these days. I often hear you that the weather is not so good with thunderstorms and so on. I hope that you will play this music for long and wish you the best. O, my age is seventy six years old. With kind greetings, Fred Radstake.

    1. Dear Fred,

      Thank you for the nice comments about the station. We are glad that you are enjoying the music. We realize that the music is not everybody’s favorite, but there is an audience for it and you’re living proof of that.
      Again, thank you.

      –Al Case – Amityville Community Radio–

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