Wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wonderful station. I stumbled across it on the internet one day and have been listening ever since all the way in Spearfish, South Dakota. I also have a song question. It was playing on March 6, at 9:49 AM your time. Any help would be great. Thank you ! Keep up the good work.
Logan Roberts

from: Myroslav Kaban
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2017 8:24 AM
To: acradio1
Subject: Good luck and prosperity
Hello! My name is Miroslav. I wanted to thank you for the good and the quality of the program. I’m with my family always listen to you with great pleasure. I would very much like to receive your gifts with your logo. It would be the most expensive things for me. Is this possible? I wish you happiness and prosperity. Your fan.
My address:
Miroslav Kaban

Hello over there,
maybe you wonder that you get an mail from Germany. I only want to thank you for this nice music and you´re right in saying: A style of music that is difficult to find anywhere else.
Many years ago we had in Germany the AFN stations and they brought this kind of music we never could hear anywhere. I listened much and others too. After the Forces went I never thought to find such a music again anywhere. Where you are looking, only the same, much pop and rock or classic, but no great orchestras playing evergreens and standards. And now by chance I came to your station via internet radio and now I listen to your station often and I feel set back to this wonderful  years ago with the friendly american troops and the AFN stations.
I wish you God´s blessing and kind regards
Hartmut Montua, Freiburg Germany

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